Politico’s Mike Allen: Thousands of Docs Being Withheld at Clinton Library

After the Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman revealed the existence of the "Hillary Papers," a trove of documents written by Hillary Clinton’s friend Diane Blair, attention has been drawn to the thousands of files related to former President Bill Clinton’s tenure as Arkansas governor, housed by the Central Arkansas library system. These files remain under the control of the Clinton Foundation, which has largely refused to open the files to public access.

Now Politico has learned that many of President Clinton's White House records are not available to the public at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, despite the fact the documents were meant to be released in January of last year.

Politico’s Mike Allen spoke to MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" on the documents, highlighting that over a fourth have yet to be released.

"33,000 documents should have been released twelve years after Clinton left office, so in January 2013," Allen said. "25,000 have been released but there’s another 8,000 of some of the president’s most sensitive communications that are still being blocked."

Allen said the documents could pose problems for the Clintons should the trove contain any new scandals that could damage a potential 2016 presidential run by Hillary Clinton.

Because the documents are under federal jurisdiction, President Obama has some control over their ultimate release. Allen noted Obama would be hard-pressed to continue to block the remaining documents' release, given that the president promised more access to presidential documents when he campaigned for office.