Pelosi Claims She Has Two-Thirds Support of House Dems to Remain Leader

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi / AP
November 16, 2016

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) announced Wednesday that she is running to continue leading the House Democratic Caucus in the next Congress.

Pelosi, the current House minority leader, sent a letter to the 193 current and incoming House Democrats saying that she already has the support of two-thirds of the members, Politico reported.

"It is with both humility and confidence that I write to request your support for House Democratic Leader," Pelosi said. "As of this writing, I am pleased to report the support of more than two-thirds of the Caucus."

Rep. Tim Ryan (D., Ohio) is reportedly considering a run for the leadership position against Pelosi, which may have prompted Pelosi to send the letter in an attempt to quash any potential challengers. While most congressional leadership elections have already occurred, House Democrats have delayed their elections until Nov. 30 after the party lost the presidency in last week's elections.

Pelosi has led House Democrats since 2003 and was speaker from 2007 to 2011.

At times during the 2016 campaign season, Democrats hoped to regain control of both the House and the Senate, but they ended up winning neither chamber. Democrats picked up a few seats from Republicans, however.

When the new Congress convenes in January, Republicans will hold at least 239 seats while Democrats will have at least 193. Runoff races in Louisiana still need to be decided to determine the final tallies.