Palmieri Won't Answer MSNBC's Questions on Clinton Foundation

October 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton's communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, refused Thursday to answer questions about the allegations that the Clintons enriched themselves off of Clinton Foundation activity.

Palmieri appeared on MSNBC for an interview with Chris Jansing after Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama held a rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

"You folks woke up to headlines you might not have wanted," Jansing said to Palmieri. "About Doug Band, who works for former President [Bill] Clinton, about the tens of millions of dollars that were brought to the Clinton family through connections to the foundation. Not what you wanted to see on the front page of the newspapers."

Jansing was referencing stories published Wednesday night by the New York Times and Washington Post highlighting the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Teneo, a private consulting firm founded by Band. Both stories, based off a leaked memo released by WikiLeaks, described how Teneo directed clients to donate to the foundation and how the Clinton family personally benefited from these donations.

"As you know, these stories are generated by the Russians," Palmieri responded, trying to deflect Jansing's question.

"Which doesn't change the fact that Doug Band has admitted this indeed happened," Jansing said while trying to talk over Palmieri.

Palmieri then defended the work of the Clinton Foundation and contrasted it with what the Trump Foundation has done. Jansing acknowledged that the Clinton Foundation has done good work but continued to push Palmieri on her original question.

"What they are questioning is whether they used those contacts to enrich themselves," Jansing said. "Even Chelsea had reservations about it."

"We don't believe that this is something voters are going to focus on or care about," Palmieri said. She also suggested that the press corps is too focused on the behind the scenes revelations that have been discussed from the WikiLeaks emails.

Before Jansing moved on she gave Palmieri one last chance to give an answer about the financial ties between the Clinton Foundation and Teneo.

"Do the American people have a right to be concerned about whether or not the Clinton family, the former president enriched themselves through the Clinton Foundation?" Jansing asked.

Palmieri again deflected the question and instead highlighted the "great works" the foundation has done.

"The State Department has looked at this. They have said there is no decision that Hillary Clinton as secretary of state was based on people who had donated to the Clinton Foundation," Palmieri said before Jansing moved onto another topic.