O’Reilly to Rubio: How to Drink on Live TV

O'Reilly gives some playful advice to Sen. Rubio

• February 26, 2013 8:37 pm


Bill O'Reilly imparted some of his wisdom concerning live TV appearances to Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) Tuesday night on the O'Reilly Factor:

BILL O'REILLY: It might work to your advantage by making people feel sympathy towards you because it was unfair what they tried to do with it. Now, I would do this for a Democrat if the Democrat were unfairly hammered for taking a glass of water or eating a tuna sandwich or whatever. I would do the same thing. But I'm going going to give you some TV advice. Okay? I have been in this business for 36 years so I know a little bit about it. Whenever you are on television, particularly live television, where you can't edit and do it again, you have got to tell the folks everything. Everything. So, when you were giving that speech, and I understand you had given a speech in spanish before that so you obviously were bloviating and your throat was parched and everything, when you wanted to take your water, you just tell the folks that. "Excuse me, I'm a little parched here. I have got to get a drink of water. I'll be right back." You smile, you take your little water, which should have been closer to you by the way and the pinhead who put it far away have you got to slap them around a little bit and then you take your sip and you smile again and you go "oh, that was good." And now and you go back. That's what's called performing, and you know who is a brilliant performer doing that? Do you know who is?


BILL O'REILLY: Barack Obama. He has got everything — on the teleprompter he has got, ‘Take sip of water.' He has got everything scripted. And that's the way — that's the age we live in.

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