Obama Went Off-The-Record to Curse at Press for Covering Scandals and Not Understanding Him

December 8, 2014

Former ABC White House correspondent Ann Compton said that President Obama went on a "profanity-laced" off-the-record rant to members of the press for "making too much" of scandals and "not understanding" his limits in determining U.S. foreign policy.

"I have seen Barack Obama really angry twice," Compton said in an interview with C-SPAN's Brian Lamb. "Both were off-the-record times. One was profanity-laced, where he thought the press was making too much of scandals that he didn't think were scandals.

"Another where he took us to task for not understanding the limits that he has with foreign policy and the way he's dealing with the Middle East and Iraq and Afghanistan."

Compton revealed the aggressive nature of Obama's accusations, noting that she did not find him apologetic.

"I find him willing to stand up to the press and look them in the eye, even thought it was off the record, and just give us hell," Compton said.

When asked if Obama had a point, Compton said the president's lack of accessibility prompted them to critically cover potential scandals and his foreign policy shortcomings.

"We cover what we are allowed to cover," Compton said. "When policy decisions and presidents are inaccessible and don't take questions from the press on a regular basis, I think they reap what they sow."

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