Trump-Era Journos: Will America Ever Be Worthy of Their Sacrifice?

Hero explains how covering Donald Trump was as 'thrilling' as 'storming Omaha Beach'

Will Americans ever be worthy of the sacrifices our nation's journalists made during the Great War for Truth? Will we ever be able to comprehend the courage it takes to publish a bestselling book after the president called you a bad name? Or the sheer terror of staring down a White House intern who has been ordered to confiscate your microphone during a nationally televised press conference?

Sorry Journos, Your Favorite Baseball Team Is Racist AF

In mere hours, so-called "doctor" Anthony Fauci will throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals' opening game in our nation's capital. Fauci, like the Nationals, is beloved by Beltway lobbyists and professional journalists. But unfortunately for those journos, their favorite baseball team is a racist abomination that should be expunged from polite society.

Honoring The Real First Responders in This Invisible War

Don't just thank the journalists, ask about their feelings

Former vice president Joe Biden recently praised America's journalists for "putting it all on the line for all of us" during the coronavirus pandemic. Not surprisingly, America's journalists agreed with him.

Heartland, Chronicled: A Political Journalist’s Reflections on Iowa, U.S.A.

DES MOINES — The best part about being a journalist on a plane is knowing that, if the plane crashes, your death would be among the most tragic and would be reported as such by your colleagues in the journalism community—after they'd contacted your relatives to confirm how brave you must have been to cover politics in Donald Trump's America.