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Committee To Protect Journalists Lists Hamas Members on List of Journalists Killed in Gaza

6 of 23 journalists killed in Israel-Gaza war worked for outlets run by Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad

October 24, 2023

Meet the LA Times Reporter Who Doesn't Want You To Know Hamas Beheads Babies

Adam Elmahrek has declared Israel an 'apartheid state'

October 12, 2023

Liberal Philanthropies Fund The Latest ‘Non-Partisan’ Journalism Initiative

Press Forward's drive to save local news is bankrolled by Pierre Omidyar's Democracy Fund, among others

September 7, 2023

Memoirs of a Closet Conservative

REVIEW: 'The Controversialist: Arguments with Everyone, Left Right and Center' by Martin Peretz

September 3, 2023

Six Books Every Young Journalist Should Read

Column: The right way to learn a craft—and the landscape of Washington

August 11, 2023