Obama exaggerates aid to Israel

Obama says '$70 billion' for Israeli missile defense program -- rather than actual $70 million

President Barack Obama erroneously exaggerated the amount of money his administration has provided to an Israeli missile defense program Friday while signing a bill meant to boost U.S.-Israeli security ties.

Obama, who has been criticized for weakening the U.S.-Israel alliance, was attempting to tout his administration’s commitment to the Jewish state when he incorrectly stated that Israel will receive "$70 billion dollars" for its missile defense program.

"I’m very pleased that this week we are going to be able to announce $70 million spending…$70 billion, excuse me, in additional spending for Iron Dome," Obama said, inflating the actual dollar amount incorrectly.

The U.S. originally announced in May that it would provide Israel $70 million for its Iron Dome missile defense program, which intercepts missiles fired by Palestinian terrorists.

White House press secretary Jay Carney made news Thursday when he refused to name the capital Israel in a press briefing.