New Ad Slams Hillary Clinton’s ‘Bad Experience’

• September 27, 2016 11:21 am


A conservative group dropped a new ad on Tuesday morning following up on Donald Trump's debate attack that while Hillary Clinton may have experience in government it is all "bad experience."

Trump's barb came after Clinton bragged that she had "traveled to 112 countries" during her years as secretary of state.

"She's got experience, but it's bad experience," said Trump. "This country can't afford to have another four years of that kind of experience."

The short ad from Future 45, a conservative Super PAC, works to prove Trump's point by laying out the laundry list of failures that were produced during her travels around the world.

"Hillary Clinton brags about her experience, but beyond the flight miles, what's the Clinton record?" says the ad. "Chaos in Libya and Syria, the rise of ISIS, a failed reset with Russia, supporting the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, a terror attack in Benghazi, four Americans dead."

The ad is the second released by Future 45 in the past week that hits Clinton. Last week it released "Crook," which paints Clinton as a "secretive and paranoid politician."

The ad uses Clinton's infamous "what difference does it make" phrase during her Benghazi testimony to say that there is little difference between Clinton and Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign the presidency in 1974.