Nevada Reporter Slams Hillary for Demanding ‘Royal Treatment’ at UNLV

'We don't have kings and queens in America'

Nevada reporter Jon Ralston slammed Hillary Clinton Monday for demanding "royal treatment" from UNLV while "students struggle to make ends meet."

"The Las Vegas Review Journal, which obtained Clinton's contract with the UNLV Foundation, reports in addition to her speaking fee of $225,000, Clinton is demanding a private jet, a presidential suite and adjoining rooms for her entourage, and Clinton refuses to mingle with the common folk. She wants to approve any media types attending the event," Ralston said.

"We don't have kings and queens in America, or at least we shouldn't. But when I see the red carpet UNLV is rolling out for Hillary Clinton in two months I start to wonder. Unless you're a mindless partisan, the details of that contract with the UNLV Foundation should disturb you."

"The contract reads as if Hillary is being given the, yes, royal treatment. Now it is bad enough that the UNLV Foundation folks agreed to that outrageous $225,000 fee as students struggle to make ends meet," he concluded.

RealClearPolitics’ Tom Bevan has also been critical of team Clinton’s antics.

"It’s made it kind of difficult for her to connect with folks and to have that sort of ‘woman of the people’ image that she’s trying to portray," Bevan said on Fox News.

Even former President Bill Clinton’s pollster, Doug Schoen, agreed that Clinton’s behavior is over the top and could hurt her potential 2016 run. "She has yet to articulate a message and a vision," he said.