MSNBC’s Morning Joe Ties Warren’s Pregnancy Story to Past Lies on Heritage, Michael Brown

• October 9, 2019 3:21 pm


Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski tied the ongoing scrutiny of Elizabeth Warren's claim that she was fired from a public school teaching job because she was pregnant to previous mistruths told by the Democratic presidential candidate.

Brzezinski discussed Warren's claim on Wednesday morning, pointing to school board records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon that show Warren was extended an offer to keep the job she claimed she was dismissed from. Brzezinski compared the scrutiny into Warren's claim to two of her past claims that have been proven untrue.

"Her past claim of Native American ancestry resulted in an apology to tribes last year, and her tweet earlier this year that the police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, murdered the 18-year-old was awarded ‘Four Pinocchios' by a Washington Post fact check," Brzezinski said.

"Are either of these two issues, the Pocahontas one and then this pregnancy story, do you feel they will stick?" Brzezinski asked her guests,'s Karine Jean-Pierre and former Democratic senator Claire McCaskill.

Warren apologized for her claims of Native American heritage in August, about a week after the Washington Post called her out for lying about Brown being murdered. Brzezinski's confluence of the past mistruths with the current scrutiny of inconsistencies of her pregnancy story indicates that doubts remain about whether Warren is telling the truth, despite her decision to lean into the claim.

McCaskill, whose own campaign was derailed last year after the Free Beacon discovered her misrepresenting her means of travel throughout the state, argued that Warren needs to take scrutiny of her past claims seriously.

"This is now going to be the new normal. She has front-runner status now," McCaskill said. "And there is going to be more incoming. … She's going to have to get used to a defensive crouch, and figure out how she pivots and stays on offense."

Brzezinski finished the discussion by again bringing up Warren's claims of Native American ancestry, calling it a "cringer."

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