MSNBC: Warren's Medicare Plan Is 'Ultimate Clapback'

'I never thought I would be describing a policy paper as 'hotly anticipated,' but here we are'

November 1, 2019

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson and reporter Ali Vitali lavished praise on presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) new Medicare for All plan, calling it the "ultimate clapback" to her critics.

"She is just out on her plan for paying for Medicare for All, capping her press release with the ultimate clapback to her critics in a tweet confirming, 'my plan won't raise taxes one penny on middle class families,'" Jackson said.

"Elizabeth Warren has a plan released, it seems, almost every day. This one is a big deal because she's been hammered, hammered by her opponents on how she's going to pay for her Medicare for All plan. Now she's got an answer," Jackson continued.

Vitali agreed, saying Warren was issuing a "challenge" to her rivals.

"You just look at the politics of this moment, Hallie. You call it the 'ultimate clapback,' and really it is because it allows Warren to come off her heels and start going on offense on this question of A, what her health care plan means for the middle class, but B, then how she's going to pay for it," Vitali said. "In this plan she says something interesting. She says, 'We need plans, not slogans.' That's clearly a challenge to the rest of the field."

"I never thought I would be describing a policy paper as 'hotly anticipated,' but here we are in 2019 learning new things every day," Vitali also said.

Warren's new health care plan proposes an overhaul of the system that would cost the government about $52 trillion over the next decade. Warren claims it will give $11 trillion back to American families by eliminating premiums and out-of-pocket fees.

She also said her plan would result in the loss of approximately 2 million jobs.