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Biden Admin Faces Congressional Scrutiny Over $50 Million 'Environmental Justice' Grant It Awarded to Anti-Israel Group

'Palestinians have been living under a system of apartheid,' says the Climate Justice Alliance

May 21, 2024

Joe Biden Is 2024's Chaos Candidate

Column: Biden's incompetence opens the door for a Trump restoration

May 3, 2024

Biden Admin Pays Anti-Israel Professor Thousands To Investigate How 'Viral Memes' Spread 'Anti-Muslim Racism'

San Diego State University professor Amira Jarmakani claims "Zionism is racism," anti-Semitism exaggerated

April 15, 2024

Senate Eyes Crackdown on U.S. Aid Group’s Abuse of Taxpayer Funds

Legislation would force USAID to implement reforms to drive down costs

March 21, 2024

Biden’s $2 Trillion COVID Bill Made Inflation Worse. Jamaal Bowman Wants To Spend Seven Times as Much on Reparations.

'Where did that money come from? We spent it into existence,' congressman says of Biden's pandemic response

January 18, 2024