MSNBC Shows Topless Trump Protester

April 29, 2016

MSNBC broadcasted unedited video of a topless Donald Trump protester Friday ahead of Trump’s appearance at the California Republican Convention in San Francisco.

The rowdy protesters knocked down a barrier, threw eggs, and paraded anti-Trump signage. More than 10,000 people replied to an event on Facebook for the protests.

Some of the bare-breasted protesters held signs supporting the Equal Rights Amendment and reportedly chanted,"Make love, not a wall, we want equal rights for all."

Earlier in the morning, the crowd attacked a Trump supporter, Chris Conway, and attempted to take off his "Make America Great Again." The fight forced police intervention, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"I’m a tough guy, it doesn’t bother me," Conway told the newspaper.

MSNBC later reported that Trump entered the rally through a backdoor, despite protesters' wishes.

Trump’s rally in Orange County Thursday night was also met with violent protests. One man jumped on a police car and smashed its rear window, while others reportedly attempted to flip a police car.

Trump supporters were also roughed up. One photo showed a Trump supporter smeared with blood after he had been bunched in the face. CNN reported that most of the protesters were speaking out against Trump’s "messages of hate," while others were yelling insults at the police.

Local police made about 20 arrests, according to a tweet by the Orange Country Sheriff.

The nip slip is not novel for MSNBC. The network has a history of technical failures and miscommunications, a Free Beacon supercut revealed in April.

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