MSNBC Reporter: Clinton Evasive on Trade, Obama's Income Inequality Record

June 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton dodged questions related to trade and President Obama’s income inequality record during a press conference Saturday.

Clinton gave her first official press conference since the Saturday "second announcement" of her presidential campaign. During the press conference, MSNBC reporter Alex Seitz-Wald asked Clinton if she thought Obama has done enough to address the problem of income inequality.

"The president has done an extraordinary job in dealing with a terrible set of issues that he inherited," said Clinton. "He also has given the American people for the first time, through the affordable care act, the promise of health insurance. Now are there things that need to be fixed? Yes and I’ve said that. I’ll be talking more about that. Are there now opportunities for us to do more about income inequality and try to do both, growth and fairness simultaneously? Absolutely."

"So that clearly was not a yes," Seitz-Wald said.

Clinton also refused to directly answer questions about her stance on trade.

When Clinton served as Secretary of State, she supported President Obama’s trade agenda and helped lay the groundwork for it.  Now as a candidate, Clinton has yet to take a clear position on the trade debate.