MSNBC on Clinton’s Trustworthiness: Doesn’t Matter How Many Emails Reviewed, Still Plagues Campaign

August 22, 2016

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle told former Gov. Ed Rendell (D., Pa.), a Clinton family ally, that Hillary Clinton’s trust issues continue to plague her campaign, regardless of how many emails have been reviewed.

"But, the issue for many voters isn’t necessarily how many emails were reviewed, exactly when and where, it’s a trustworthiness issue," she said.

Ruhle then said that even if Clinton were to submit "absolutely all" of her emails, this issue is still not going away. She asked Rendell how the Clinton campaign could put this issue to rest.

"So, if Secretary Clinton could say, ‘I have submitted absolutely all of the emails’ and it continues to plague her, it’s not going away," she said. "Doesn’t her camp need to close this loop?"

Rendell said that the sheer number of emails that she submitted in itself shows transparency.

"She turned over 55,000 pages," he said. "55,000 pages. That’s, you know, an incredible level of transparency, and she did it very quickly when the request was made by the department itself."

Wendell’s comment comes as the FBI announced it had uncovered 15,000 more emails and documents that were not originally submitted by Clinton’s attorneys.

The Washington Post reported about the documents that were found and turned back over to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Government lawyers disclosed last week that the FBI has turned over eight computer discs of information: one including emails and attachments that were sent directly to or from Clinton, or to or from her at some point in an email chain, and not previously turned over by her lawyers; a second with classified documents; another with emails returned by Clinton; and five containing materials from other individuals retrieved by the FBI.

These emails found that long-time Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, may have given high power donors preferential treatment during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department.

Judicial Watch today released 725 pages of new State Department documents, including previously unreleased email exchanges in which former Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin provided influential Clinton Foundation donors special, expedited access to the secretary of state. In many instances, the preferential treatment provided to donors was at the specific request of Clinton Foundation executive Douglas Band.