Moulton: ‘We Need Leadership of a New Generation’

Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton (Mass.) said on Wednesday that his party needs "leadership of a new generation," an apparent shot at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).

"You've suggested that perhaps you wouldn't support [Pelosi] as speaker, if you guys do take the House. She said she could serve as some kind of transitional speaker, a year or two, one term or two before ceding it perhaps to the next generation. Could you accept that?" CNN anchor John Berman asked the congressman.

"No," Moulton answered. "It's not time for a transitional leadership. We need leadership of a new generation. It's time for a new generation of leaders in Washington, not just in the Republican Party but in our party, in the Democratic party as well. We need leaders who are going to actually bring our party back together."

Pelosi faces resistance from numerous Democrats on her plan to be speaker of the House again. Over 50 Democrats, including nine incumbent lawmakers, have publicly stated they would oppose Pelosi to be speaker of the House if Democrats retake control the chamber.

"We need leaders who are going to unite Americans rather than divide them. We need leaders who speak to the next generation of Democrats. Leader Pelosi's message to people like me, who are willing to challenge the status quo or question the establishment is, you're too ambitious," Moulton said. In July, Pelosi called Moulton "inconsequential," saying they don't have a following in the caucus.

"We need ambition in America and leaders that will tackle the tough challenges like immigration and health care, and that's what I see in people like Amy [McGrath], and these are amazing new Democratic leaders willing to take on the tough issues and people look at them and say that's the future of our party, that's the kind of leadership we need in Washington as well," Moulton continued.

Other Democratic leaders have noticed the swelling support to replace Pelosi as speaker. Third-ranking House Democratic leader James Clyburn (S.C.) said he would run for speaker if Pelosi is unable to secure enough votes of support.