Michelle Obama: Women Who Voted Against Clinton ‘Voted Against Their Own Voice’

Michelle Obama / Getty Images

Michelle Obama / Getty Images


Former First Lady Michelle Obama said Wednesday that women who voted for President Donald Trump and against electing the first woman president "voted against their own voice."

Obama spoke in Boston at a marketing conference, Inbound. Her remarks addressed life in the White House, her upcoming book, and the discrimination challenges that women face, Boston.com reported.

"Any women who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice," Obama said during a Q&A session.

The former first lady did say, nevertheless, that she and her husband, former President Barack Obama, support Trump and hope he is successful.

Obama also commented on the book she is currently working on, saying she is writing about "believing in our most authentic selves," and will include stories from her childhood. Her book will touch on what she describes as the struggles of being a woman.

"How many of us have sat in a classroom somewhere and watched men go on and on and on?" she asked women in the audience.

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