Michelle Obama Mistakes Mark Udall for Cory Gardner

Michelle Obama managed to get her candidate's name correct this time, but mixed up Mark Udall (D., Colo.) with his Republican opponent, Cory Gardner (R. Colo.).

While stumping for Udall on Thursday, the First Lady falsely claimed that he was a "fifth-generation Coloradan."

"As a fifth-generation Coloradan, Mark understands what makes this state special," Obama said. "He understands the values of independence, and fairness–all the things that folks here believe in."

Udall was, in fact, born in Arizona to a former Arizona congressman, graduated from high school in Arizona, and did not move to Colorado until after he graduated from college–in Massachusetts.

Gardner, on the other hand, is a fifth-generation Coloradan with roots in the state that stretch back to 1886.