Meet the Completely Partisan Latino Victory Project

MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Daily had on Henry Munoz to promote the "Latino Victory Project" Tuesday, which U.S. News and World Report laughably referred to as "nonpartisan."

Munoz is also the Democratic National Committee finance committee chair, and he appeared on the show with the Democrats' logo behind him. The other co-founder of the Latino Victory Project is Eva Longoria, who co-chaired President Obama's re-election campaign and once re-tweeted someone who called Mitt Romney a "racist/misogynistic twat."

Non-partisan, indeed.

Munoz openly praised Obama during the interview for the DREAM Act and for reviewing the country's deportation methods, and he also made the puzzling remark that Latinos make up "53 percent of the population" while discussing the project's campaign to increase the number of Latino candidates.