Meadows: Democrats Showing 'True Colors' by Complimenting Iran

Dems silent on member crediting Iranian leadership for avoiding war

Rep. Mark Meadows/ Getty Images
January 8, 2020

Rep. Mark Meadows (R., N.C.) on Wednesday criticized congressional Democrats for their failure to condemn a comment from an anonymous member who complimented the Iranian regime for avoiding war with the United States.

"The Washington Democrat Party continues to show its true colors, even if it's done anonymously from behind a keyboard," Meadows said in a statement to the Washington Free Beacon. "If they don't want to be accused of undermining the country for their own political interests, I’d suggest a good place to start would be not making jokes complimenting a terrorist regime at the expense of an American president."

Meadows was responding to the anonymous Democrat who told Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel, "You need two crazy leaders to start a war, and fortunately, Iran doesn't have one." Weigel has declined to reveal the source of the quote.

Meadows called on his Democratic colleagues to "step up" and condemn the remark, saying it contradicts claims that they are taking the current impasse with Iran seriously.

Democratic leadership in the House and Senate did not respond to inquiries from the Free Beacon about the comment by press time Wednesday.