Maxine Waters: Trump, Republicans Have Never Cared About Poor People

• March 20, 2017 10:11 am


Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) said over the weekend that President Donald Trump and Republicans have never cared about poor or working class people.

Waters was speaking with MSNBC's Joy Reid when she leveled the accusation against the president and Republican Party.

"Something that we just have to understand and know about the Republican Party is they have never been for the poor and working class, and it's even worse now," Waters said.

"With this president, he's part of the billionaire class," Waters continued. "They don't care about these poor people."

Waters went on to criticize Republican attempts to curb welfare programs and described the term "welfare queens" as racist.

"Welfare queens" is a pejorative term that references women, often black, single mothers, who collect welfare payments through fraud and other illicit means.

Waters later took another swipe at Trump and congressional Republicans who want to enact welfare reform.

"We're dealing with the president who is making it clear that he's going to go along with the most conservative element of the Republican Party and concede that they have a right to make sure that poor people are not getting too much from government," Waters said.

Waters' comments are reminiscent of rapper Kanye West saying in 2005 that then-President George W. Bush does not care about black people during a televised benefit after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.