AEI Report: Americans Are Getting Older and Dying Younger

A recent paperĀ on American demographics bodes ill for the country's economic and social health. The report by Lyman Stone, adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, finds that while the American population is becoming older, life expectancies of working-age people are declining. This trend, in tandem with the straining of the country's institutions, has serious implications for America's future.

How Can Policy Help Left-Behind Americans?

New think-tank project aims to articulate American industrial policy

A new project, announced Wednesday by the libertarian-leaning Niskanen Center, aims to define a comprehensive program to help put regions struggling despite the roaring economy back on their feet.

House Ways and Means Committee Eyes Welfare Reform

New bill would overhaul Clinton-era program by improving accountability, transparency, efficiency

Rep. Kevin Brady and President TrumpAfter passing President Donald Trump's tax-reform package last year, the House Ways and Means Committee appears poised to tackle welfare reform next.

Trump: No Welfare for Immigrants for First 5 Years

Policy would add to the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996.

President Donald Trump is asking Congress for new immigration policies that would prohibit new immigrants from going on welfare programs during their first five years in the country.