Manafort: President Clinton and Secretary Obama Caused ISIS to Rise


Paul Manafort sat down with Chuck Todd to discuss Donald Trump’s attacks against Khizr Khan, one of the speakers at the Democratic National Convention last week, on Sunday's Meet the Press.

"The second part of the issue which is being ignored is because of these losses that forced our American military to go back into Iraq and to go into Syria, that cause was the policies that were put together in January of 2009 by President Clinton and Secretary Obama that caused ISIS to rise," Manafort said.

Manafort was in defense mode of Trump’s comments regarding Khan.

Khan had given an emotional speech to the DNC about the loss of his son, who was an Army captain killed by a car bomb in Iraq, as well as hit against Trump's proposed ban on Muslims.

Trump had taken to Twitter to accuse Khan of attacking him while also voicing his staunch opposition to the Iraq war.

Cameron Cawthorne

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Cameron Cawthorne is a Media Analyst for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 2013. Prior to joining Free Beacon, Cameron was a Legislative Assistant in the Virginia General Assembly and a War Room Analyst at America Rising.

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