Linda Sarsour Ignites Twitter Backlash After Calling CNN's Jake Tapper 'Alt-Right'

Linda Sarsour / Getty Images
July 19, 2017

Anti-Israel and anti-Donald Trump activist Linda Sarsour earned the collective scorn of Twitter on Tuesday after she accused CNN host Jake Tapper of being a member of the "alt-right."

It all began when Tapper called on Sarsour and the Women's March to renounce their support of Assata Shakur, a convicted cop murderer on the FBI's "Most Wanted Terrorist" list.

Sarsour—who has her own history of defending terrorists—did not take kindly to Tapper's denunciation. In a tweet, she accused Tapper of being a member of the alt-right.

There are ample reasons to believe Tapper is not a secret fan of the alt-right. For one, he challenged Trump to denounce David Duke and other white supremacists during the election. For another, Tapper himself is Jewish.

Liberals and conservatives alike mocked Sarsour for the claim.