Latino Radio Host Tells Hillary Clinton That His Family Is Voting for Trump

June 22, 2016

Latino radio host Enrique Santos told Hillary Clinton during an interview that not only did his family not plan on voting for her, but then began listing the brutal reasons as to why they'd rather go with Donald Trump.

The uncomfortable audio was first reported by The Daily Caller on Tuesday.

"Even in my own family, I got to tell you, my father's voting for Trump because he says that he can't trust you," Santos said. "My mother says you're a crook and my brother says you should go to jail."

The reasons listed are the same issues plaguing her campaign. She has been hit multiple times about her untrustworthiness due to the home-brewed email server scandal from her tenure at the State Department.

Santos asked Clinton to respond to this and try to convince his family members to vote for her instead.

"What would you say to them?" Santos asked. "They're listening right now and others like them. How would you convince them to sit on your side of the field? Why is Hillary Clinton the right choice for America?"

The first thing Clinton spoke about was to ask the people not to listen to the negative ads that are run about her. She referred to the attack ads as "relentless."

She then diverted the voters to look at her time as Secretary of State, touting her high approval ratings while in office. They have been nearly cut in half in the years since she left the department, however.

Clinton said people who know her don't pay attention to the negative things that are being spread about her because they look at her record and the things that she had gotten done over the entirety of her career. Clinton finished by stating that if the voters look at the facts, they would side with her.