Judge Jeanine, Ben Stein Get Into Heated Discussion Over Trump’s Inaugural Address

• January 23, 2017 3:01 pm


Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro and economist Ben Stein got into a heated discussion on Sunday over President Donald Trump's inaugural address.

Pirro asked Stein to give his assessment of Trump's inaugural address on Friday. Stein called it "the least eloquent speech I've ever heard in my life."

The moment Stein made the comment, Pirro stopped smiling. Stein went on to criticize the optimism held by Trump supporters by wondering how practical it is for the president's proposals to pass.

"Wow, you are a very optimistic man, Ben Stein," Pirro said to laughs.

Pirro said the speech was eloquent since Trump did mention God in his speech. Stein responded that it was common for new presidents to mention God, adding that there was not one eloquent and memorable phrase in Trump's speech.

Stein took issue with Trump saying "Make America First," calling it an "evil phrase." The economist, who once served as a speechwriter for former President Richard Nixon, said the phrase came from Charles Lindburgh and was pro-Nazi. Pirro fired back, asking who should be first if not the United States.

Stein said the United States should be first but that the phrase in question should not be used.

The debate turned to education and how to improve it in cities like Chicago. Pirro laid out her plan.

"First thing you do is you get rid of [Mayor] Rahm Emanuel; second thing you do is you get rid of the guns; third thing you do is you start putting people in jail; fourth thing you do is you make sure the people know, you possess a gun, you bring a gun in, we're coming after you and we're going to lock you up," Pirro said. "And that's what Donald Trump is going to do."

Stein questioned how Pirro's solution would improve education.