Chicago Mayor Flouts Stay-At-Home Order to Get Haircut

Democrat Lori Lightfoot told constituents 'getting your roots done' isn't essential

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot (D.) is on defense after she was spotted getting a haircut, flouting Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker's stay-at-home order that also shut down nonessential businesses like hair salons.

From Woke to Broke

Column: The political contradictions of progressivism

Elizabeth Warren"The fact is there is no more money. Period," says Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot. She's talking about the teachers' strike that has paralyzed her city's public schools—enrollment 360,000—for the past week. The public employee union is demanding more: more money for salaries (only eight states pay teachers more than Illinois), more support staff (Illinois ranks first in spending on administrators), more teachers per student. Their cause has attracted national attention. Elizabeth Warren joined the picket line.

FLASHBACK: Obama Launched His Political Career Through Gerrymandering

Former president now 'tired of politicians manipulating maps' for political gain

Former president Barack Obama took to Twitter on Monday to decry "politicians manipulating maps" for political gain, but a look back to his early days in Illinois shows he used his redistricting power as a state senator to launch his political career.