MSNBC Analyst Suggests U.S. Should Ban Hate Speech

Richard Stengel calls failure to outlaw hate speech a 'design flaw' in First Amendment

MSNBC political analyst and former Obama administration official Richard Stengel argued that America needs to outlaw hateful speech, including Koran burning.

Sessions Reaffirms Trump Admin’s Commitment to Protecting Speech on Campus

Sessions: 'Freedom of speech and thought have come most under attack on the college campus'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions reaffirmed the Trump administration’s commitment to protecting and advancing First Amendment freedoms on college campuses during a free speech in higher education forum at the Department of Justice on Monday.

Are the Kids Alright?

Feature: Heterodox Academy's 2018 Open Mind Conference

NEW YORK CITY—Dozens gathered at the New York Times's event center just off of Times Square on Friday for the first annual Open Mind conference, a meeting of luminaries organized by Heterodox Academy (or HxA, as it is styled) to discuss why, exactly, America's campuses are growing more hostile to speech.