Jon Ralston Recalls Shock After Publisher Killed Column 'To Help His Friend Harry Reid'

April 2, 2015

In 2013, Jon Ralston wrote a column on Harry Reid for the Las Vegas Sun that was never run. Ralston has now decided to publish the column after Reid refused to apologize for lying about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes.

Ralston’s editor refused to run the column after Brian Greenspun had an issue with Ralston calling Reid a McCarthyite. Greenspun had used the word McCarthyite in his own column about a Republican candidate.

"It was obvious that he was doing this to help his friend Harry Reid," Ralston said.

Ralston also said that Greenspun had done similar tactics in the 1998 campaign.

During the 2010 campaign, when Reid was running against Sharron Angle, Ralston said that he had a title changed on a piece that was unfavorable of Reid.

Ralston had written other columns critical of Reid that had made it into the paper but this one column did not because of the situation of the time. It was election season and the presidential election had not been locked up for Obama.

Ralston also said that the atmosphere that was in the newspaper could have also played into the column not being run. Ralston stood by that Greenspun did not run the column because of his close relationship with Reid.