John Heilemann: Clinton Doesn't Take Questions Because She Has No Good Answers to Give

June 12, 2015

Bloomberg’s John Heilemann said Friday that the reason Hillary Clinton doesn’t take any questions from the media is because she doesn’t have any good answers to give.

Clinton is avoiding the press as she prepares a second launch of her presidential campaign this Saturday. Since Clinton announced in April, she has only taken a few questions from the media and hasn’t done a single interview.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asked Heilemann if the reason why Clinton doesn’t answer questions from the media is because the Clintons play by a different set of rules. Questions surround her State Department tenure regarding her private email server and whether donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities influenced her decision-making.

Her husband, former president Bill Clinton, said this week it was possible some donors had ulterior motives.

"She seems to be sending out her husband president as the trial balloon," Scarborough said. "This is a woman who cannot stand before microphones and answer questions like any other person running for President of the United States. There aren't good answers that won't sound bad."

"I've been saying it's outrageous she is not taking questions from reporters for months," Heilemann said. "I have said on this show and others that the reason, part of the reason she doesn't take questions from reporters is because she does not have good answers to give."