Heilemann: ‘Totally Insane’ Clinton Foundation Taking Money From Foreign Governments

The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has received millions of dollars from foreign countries that are otherwise barred from donating to political campaigns or PACs.

"I think it’s nuts. I think it’s nuts. I think it’s all nuts," Bloomberg co-political editor John Heilemann said.

The foundation barred such money while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, but recently changed its self-imposed restriction.

"The idea when they came out they loosened the restrictions again? Totally insane," Heilemann said.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly negative, as the Clinton camp struggles to find a campaign message to run on.

"Their obsession with money–this has been a hallmark of their careers," Heilemann said. "And in some ways, it served them really well because they have won a lot of elections by being well financed. But in this case, I think she is giving her opponents a huge amount of fodder that could come back to haunt her later."

The foundation has said it will review its policy should Clinton decide to run for president.