Jewish Group Targets Dem Senate Candidates Over Iran Ransom Payment

August 24, 2016

A leading conservative Jewish group is putting pressure on Democratic Senate candidates in battleground states to speak out against the Obama administration's $400 million payment to Iran to secure the release of American hostages.

The Republican Jewish Coalition began collecting signatures this week in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida in hopes that it will force Democratic candidates to address their support of the unpopular Iran nuclear deal.

The Iran deal has become an increasingly toxic political issue in recent weeks as details emerge regarding the $400 million in cash that was transferred to Iran by the United States as part of the administration's effort to convince Iran to release American hostages.

The candidates targeted by the RJC—Katie McGinty, Ted Strickland, and Patrick Murphy—all voiced support for the Iran nuclear deal but have been quiet on the issue on the campaign trail.

"Democrats’ silence on the Obama administration’s ransom payment to Iran is deafening," said RJC's executive director Matt Brooks told the Washington Free Beacon.

Brooks added that candidates who fail to condemn the cash transfer to Iran will be "complicit in the dangers it creates."

"This new precedent defies the basic principles of national security policy, and by not condemning it, Democrats like Katie McGinty, Ted Strickland, and Patrick Murphy are complicit in the dangers it creates by placing a price tag on the heads of every American," said Brooks.

The RJC argues in its state petitions that the money being paid to Iran will be used to launch attacks against both Israel and U.S. troops that are stationed in the Middle East.

"This $400 million ransom, along with the $100 billion Iran has already collected from the U.S., will further Iran’s funding of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah who launch regular attacks in Israel, as well as their funding of militia fighters directly working to undermine our coalition forces in Iraq and Syria," states the petition.

The RJC says that it has collected thousands of signatures already and plans to have them hand-delivered to the targeted candidates.

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