Hunter Biden's Favorite DC Strip Club Cited for Violating Mask Mandate

First Son caught smoking crack in VIP room at Archibald's several months before Joe launched presidential campaign

January 25, 2022

Hunter Biden's favorite Washington, D.C., strip club received a verbal warning last week for failing to enforce the city's strict indoor mask mandate.

According to government records, authorities visited Archibald's Gentleman's Club on January 18 and observed staff members not wearing masks. They also noted the club's failure to post required signage alerting patrons to the recently imposed mandate.

Archibald's was one of several D.C. establishments to be reprimanded this month for failing to enforce Mayor Muriel Bowser's (D.) mask mandate, which went into effect in December and requires all individuals to wear masks in indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. While most violators received a verbal or written warning, The Big Board, a bar and burger joint on H Street, was fined $2,000 for repeat violations and referred to the D.C. liquor board for review.

Located on K Street just blocks from the White House, Archibald's is best known for its VIP rooms, where Hunter Biden reportedly spent "thousands and thousands of dollars." Former Archibald's managing partner James Ritter told the New York Post that Hunter was once admonished for "suspicion of drug use" in late 2018 after employees noticed "a smell of burning Styrofoam" in one of the VIP rooms and "suspected it was crack." Hunter was urged to abstain from illegal activity and reportedly complied. "After he was spoken to, the smell stopped," Ritter said.

Despite the club's official policy requiring patrons to show ID that matches the names on their credit cards, Hunter routinely paid his exorbitant bills with "cards that didn't have his name on it." Ritter acknowledged that "Hunter was a bit of an exception" when it came to enforcing the rules. The 2018 incident took place just a few months before Hunter's father, Joe Biden, announced his candidacy for president.

Hunter wrote extensively about his fondness for crack and strippers in his 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things. "The sensation [of smoking crack] is one of utter, almost otherworldly well-being," Biden explains. "You are at once energetic, focused, and calm. Blood rushes to every extremity; your skin ripples with what feels like bumblebees." He acknowledged cavorting with dozens of women who were "hardly the dating type," including the D.C. stripper known as "Dallas," with whom he fathered a child that Joe Biden still refuses to acknowledge.

Several days before the mask mandate went into effect last month, Archibald's hosted a "Merry Milfmas" celebration that included a DVD and Fleshlight giveaway. Hunter Biden is assumed to have attended until proven otherwise.

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