Himes: People Besmirching the Reputations of Comey and Mueller 'Will Rot in Hell'

April 13, 2018

People who have been besmirching James Comey and Robert Muellers' reputations "will rot in hell," according to Rep. Jim Himes (D., Conn.).

Comey, who has a new book out blasting Trump, and Mueller, who is Special Counsel for the Russia investigation, have fallen under sharp criticism from President Donald Trump and his allies.

Himes called Comey a "legend" at the Justice Department and within the FBI, saying on CNN anyone who doesn't work at the White House knows Comey is an "honest and good man."

CNN's Kate Bolduan mentioned the criticism from Democrats of Comey when he was investigating Hillary Clinton. Republicans are also replaying clips of Democrats and their harsh words for Comey. Clinton and her campaign also had some tough words for Comey, and she continues to blame him for her election loss.

"That's what Republicans are doing right now, Congressman, is they're running sound bites that you all made, things you all said after the election about James Comey," Bolduan said.

"No, no, Kate, I'm going to stop you there because reality matters, especially when we're talking about the integrity of the FBI," Himes said. "Lots of people, Democrats, lawyers, judges, were very concerned by Comey's breaking of protocol and publicly discussing the Hillary Clinton—and remember it was the Hillary Clinton investigation that he discussed while there was an investigation of Donald Trump."

Himes said he believed Comey is "reflective" over whether he did the right thing with his handling of the Clinton probe.

"But the idea that this man is dishonest, and, remember this is all part and parcel of the attempt that the White House is making to besmirch Robert Mueller, a decorated war hero, that's what is happening here," Himes said. "So yes, let's have that conversation about whether Jim Comey made the right move in talking about the Hillary Clinton thing, but people will rot in Hell for besmirching the reputation, the integrity, and the professional history of these two men."