Hillary Clinton Yells That We Need To Stop Yelling At Each Other

May 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton yelled at a Los Angeles rally on Thursday that we really need to stop yelling at each other in this country.

"I also think we'd be a lot better off if we actually talk to each other instead of yelling at each other," she shouted.

She continued on to make a swipe at the Republican Party.

"Let the other side do the yelling," she yelled, in a non-inside voice. "We're going to be talking and rolling up our sleeves and getting to work because it's not enough– it's not enough to diagnose a problem. We need to solve the problem."

Clinton has gotten some scrutiny for her tone throughout her time on the campaign trail. An example of this was when Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough and journalist Bob Woodward brought up her ‘unrelaxed’ tone when she addresses her audience:

"She shouts. There is something unrelaxed about the way she is communicating," Woodward said.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough followed the thought, saying, "Last night I was watching her, and I said to myself, has nobody told her that the microphone works?"

Clinton responded to this criticism by citing an unfair standard against women, once implying Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) was being sexist:

Clinton drew the loudest applause when she brought up gun control. After saying she had been told to "stop shouting about gun violence," she retorted, "First of all, I'm not shouting. It's just when women talk, some people think we're shouting."