Hillary Taking Over Clinton Foundation


The Clinton Foundation is replacing its chief executive officer with a longtime aide of Hillary Clinton who has been with her since her time as secretary of state.

Maura Pally, who joined the foundation in 2013 to supervise Hillary Clinton's activity at the foundation, took over as acting CEO on Friday following the resignation of its current CEO. She was previously Clinton's deputy assistant secretary at the State Department.

Politico reports:

CEO Eric Braverman is stepping down from his post, the foundation said. The position will be filled on an interim basis by Maura Pally, a Hillary Clinton confidante who worked as a deputy assistant secretary during Clinton’s time at the State Department. Pally joined the Clinton Foundation in 2013 to "supervise Secretary Clinton’s Foundation-related activities, exploring new opportunities and ways to leverage existing Foundation efforts," according to an internal email from then-CEO Bruce Lindsey at the time of Pally’s hiring.

The report states that "a change in leadership at the foundation was expected prior to a potential Clinton presidential campaign."

The change follows news that Hillary Clinton is "furious" at Bill Clinton for the new information revealed about his relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

A new lawsuit which states that Epstein made a young girl his "sex slave" posits that Bill Clinton "had to know what was going on" regarding Epstein's sexual exploits with younger women. Lawyers even considered subpoenaing Clinton for any information that he could have on Epstein.

Witnesses at the funeral of Mario Cuomo say that Hillary Clinton angrily stormed past Bill Clinton without saying a word as he waited for her at the front door of the church.