Clinton Foundation Got $25,000 From Pedophile Epstein in 2006

Former President Bill Clinton / AP


Contrary to reports that former President Bill Clinton cut ties with his friend Jeffrey Epstein in 2005 due to his sexual assault of a minor, the Clinton Foundation received a $25,000 check from a foundation led by Epstein in 2006.

On July 18, 2006, the Clinton Foundation was the recipient of $25,000 from the C.O.U.Q. Foundation, whose president was Epstein, the Weekly Standard reports.

The new information unravels the accepted narrative that Clinton's friendship with Epstein, which included multiple flights on Epstein's private plane and trips to his island resort, ended in 2005 when Epstein was accused of paying a 14-year-old girl for an erotic massage. Epstein would plead guilty to the charges in 2008 and spend 13 months in jail.

New court documents related to a lawsuit against Epstein claiming that he kept a different young girl as a "sex slave" reveal that Epstein had 21 different phone numbers on his speed dial to reach Clinton with.

Clinton was so close to Epstein that lawyers for the young girl considered subpoenaing him for their case since he "might well be a source of relevant information."

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Brent Scher is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from the University of Virginia, where he studied foreign affairs and politics.

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