Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fight Song’ Is Driving Some Listeners Crazy

Hillary Clinton
August 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s campaign theme song has repeatedly blared from speakers as she travels around the country for rallies, but many reporters are growing tired of listening to it week after week.

Rachel Platten’s 2015 hit "Fight Song" is played before and after Clinton takes the stage at her campaign rallies. While some of her staffers have grown accustomed to the song and enjoy hearing it, Yahoo reported Tuesday that many reporters are annoyed by the Clinton campaign’s desire to keep playing it.

Several reporters who have covered her events turned to social media to complain about repeatedly hearing Clinton’s campaign anthem. On July 24, the Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi unfavorably compared "Fight Song" to a song from Donald Trump’s soundtrack.

"I would rather be strapped to a chair and forced to listen to Tiny Dancer on a loop for 9 hours than hear Fight Song one more time," Nuzzi wrote, later adding, "If I hear Fight Song one more time I am joining ISIS."

And Clinton’s theme music has also provoked negative reactions from Democrats–even some of her own staffers. Guy Cecil, the political director of Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid, who was rumored to be in the running for a top position on her current campaign, took to Twitter to complain about the tune’s catchiness.

"Somebody help me!! I can’t get ‘Fight Song’ out of my head," Cecil wrote.

Many Clinton staffers, however, praised "Fight Song" and believe that it epitomizes everything that Clinton stands for and what is at stake during the campaign. Clinton’s director of millennial media, Christopher Huntley, said he loved the song.

"I actually love ‘Fight Song.’ It represents how Hillary Clinton will never give up, and she will do everything she can to make sure families to get ahead and stay ahead," Huntley said, according to Yahoo.

Huntley also directed Yahoo News to the Clinton campaign’s millennial vote director, Sarah Audelo.

"For me, ‘Fight Song’ is a reminder of what’s at stake in this election. The fight for immigration reform, the protection of black lives, environmental justice, and the continued fight for reproductive justice. We can’t afford to give up–the stakes are too high," Audelo said.

And even other staffers who remained anonymous still praised the song when asked about it. While some pointed to its kitschy appeal, one person said they developed an attachment after hearing it after Clinton’s wins in the Democratic primary.

Members of Clinton’s team favorited anti-"Fight Song" tweets, which shows that they might be keeping score behind the scenes of those who are critical of the campaign theme.

The "Fight Song" hashtag was trending Tuesday on Twitter, which prompted many people to voice their support or opposition for the song on social media.

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.) enthusiastically endorsed Clinton’s campaign theme, also describing some of his own musical tastes.