Hillary Clinton's Fake Southern Accent Returns

August 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, went to college just outside of Boston, and attended law school in Connecticut. For some reason, though, when Hillary appears before southern audiences, she takes on a noticeable southern twang.

Clinton's penchant for varying accents returned during an appearance on "Chair Chat" with the head of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Jaime Harrison.

First noted by the Weekly Standard, Clinton continually put on a southern drawl during the friendly discussion about her campaign and her personal life. Harrison and Clinton sat in white rocking chairs, shared a jug of lemonade, and discussed everything from Clinton's love of HGTV to her experience as a mother.

"I looked at [baby Chelsea] and I said, you know honey, you've never been a baby before and I've never been a mother before. We're just gonna have to learn how to do this together," she said, sharing a nugget of motherly wisdom.

She opened the interview by noting her love of rocking chairs, a southern fixture. "Jamie I'm delighted to be here. I, uh, you know love sitting here and rocking. So, uh, thanks for giving me the uh, the chance to do that," she said.

The chat was filled with southern images and idioms: "I have to tell ya, [Bill] is just putty already," "throw our hats in the ring," "I remember bein' in a rockin' chair when Chelsea was just a little baby."

Harrison introduces every Chair Chat by stating the mission of the Chair Chat series. The "goal" of the series is to "begin to look at political leaders, activists, and people involved in politics in a three-dimensional manner."

"We will move past the political caricatures to get to know the individual," Harrison says. Behind the "political caricature" of Clinton as a grandmotherly robot is the real Hillary - a southern belle.

Clinton's southern accent also made an appearance at her first campaign event in the South, in a speech to the South Carolina Democratic Women's Council.

The full interview is available here.

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