Hillary Clinton Struggles to Define Her Message


In a phone interview on Morning Joe Friday, Hillary Clinton struggled to define what exactly her campaign message is.

Mika Brzezinski said that following the Clinton campaign has been complicated and that she had trouble understanding Clinton's message. She added that she asked all of Clinton's advisers and spokespeople to explain Clinton's message and was met with diatribes but not a clear answer.

The MSNBC host then turned the same question on Clinton and asked what exactly her message is and if it was authentic.

"Well, look, I'm running because we have to build on the progress that I think we have made under President Obama and not let it get ripped away, and I have a lot of respect for my Democratic opponents, but I believe I know what it takes and I have what it takes to do the job of president and that means every part of it," Clinton said.

"So as I just said, the economy needs to be growing—not just for people at the top. Incomes have to start rising. We have to keep our families safe and our country strong. We have to make sure that we also take on the problems that keep families up at night like caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or autism or addiction. You know, being able to stand up to the Republicans’ alternative universe and take it on and win."

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Alyssa Canobbio is the War Room Director for the Washington Free Beacon. Prior to joining the Beacon, she worked as a Communications Associate for Americans for Tax Reform. Alyssa is originally from New Jersey and lives in Arlington, Virginia. In her free time she enjoys sailing, craft beer, and watching the Steelers and the Phillies. Her Twitter handle is @AlyssaEinDC. She can be reached at canobbio@freebeacon.com

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