Hillary Clinton Is Lost Without the Fact-Checkers

• October 10, 2016 5:32 pm


Hillary Clinton and her campaign team often invoke "the fact-checkers" at debates and on the campaign trail, a new Washington Free Beacon SuperCut shows.

Clinton has dropped references to the "fact-checkers" on numerous occasions in her two debates with Republican nominee Donald Trump, whose often dubious claims have made for fodder with this set:

"Well, I hope the fact-checkers are turned upping—turning up the volume and really working hard."

"Please, the fact-checkers, get to work."

"I told people that it would be impossible to be fact-checking Donald all the time."

"We had millions of people fact-checking, so I expect we’ll have millions more fact-checking."

"You can fat-check, fat-check, fact-check him in real time."

"I’m going to leave it to the fact-checkers … There was a lot of work for fact-checkers last night."

Clinton spokespeople like Robby Mook, Brian Fallon, and Jennifer Granholm also frequently invoke the fact-checking crowd during television appearances.

Of course, those same fact-checkers have been more generous with the Democratic nominee than the Republican one. Among the recent terrific fact-checks was PolitiFact deciding that Clinton’s claim on Sunday that she was "gone" when President Obama drew his red line in Syria was "mostly false," even though Clinton was there, since she was secretary of state at the time.

NBC News was also derided after feeling a need to "fact-check" Trump’s flippant remark that Clinton "acid washed" her private email server, tweeting out on Sunday night that this was a false claim since she had used BleachBit, not the "corrosive chemical."