Hillary Clinton Can't Even Give a Straight Answer on Ice Cream

July 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton stopped to get an ice cream at Dairy Twirl in New Hampshire on June 3, but unlike kindergarteners across the country, she did not know what her favorite ice cream flavor was. She likes ice cream and was eager to share some with the press pool, the Union Leader reported.

"She really wanted the members of the press pool to have some too," the Union Leader said.

Clinton offered ice cream to the press pool multiple times, but they declined until a reporter said he would like her to answer a question in lieu of an ice cream treat. Clinton complied with the request.

Clinton was asked a range of questions, including what her favorite flavor of ice cream is.

"Well, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I like nearly everything," Clinton said.

Clinton was then asked a question about Bernie Sanders and his successful events. Reporters asked why her campaign events did not draw big crowds compared to Sanders’ events.

"We each run our own campaigns and I always knew it would be competitive. I want to have free debate in the primary and caucuses around the country," Clinton said.

When Clinton arrived at Dairy Twirl, she had just finished an event at Dartmouth College. The event had 850 attendants, the Union Leader said. However a Sanders event saw 10,000 in Wisconsin just days before.

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