Hillary Cackles When Asked to Describe Herself in 3 Words: 'I Am A Real Person'

September 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with Face the Nation for the first time in four years. In an effort to seem more relatable and spontaneous, the Clinton campaign has decided to allow Clinton to become closer to the press.

Previously in the interview, host John Dickerson asked Clinton about the upcoming presidential election and how voters want someone who seems to be a political outsider. Dickerson asked Clinton how she appeals to those voters.

Clinton cackled and then said, "I cannot imagine anyone being more of an outsider than the first woman president. Really, let's think about that."

Clinton then told a story about how children will come up to her on the campaign trail with placemats that have pictures of all of the presidents and ask her why there is not a woman among them. The effort to prove that she is a political outsider regardless of being in the public arena for more than a decade.

Later in the interview Dickerson asked her about late friend Diane Blair who had said that Clinton wants to be true to herself and not "do phony makeovers to please others."

The Clinton campaign has had a minimum three campaign "makeovers" to help her consistently sinking poll numbers.

"Knowing that you don't want to engage in phony makeovers, give us three words that is the real Hillary Clinton," Dickerson asked.

Clinton again cackled at the question.

"Just three? I couldn't possibly do that," Clinton said. "I mean look, I am a real person with all of the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. And I have been in the public eye for so long that I think that it's like the feature you see sometimes 'real people actually go shopping.' You know?"

Clinton refused to say what three words would describe the "real" her. In a Quinnipiac poll the word "liar" was the top word to describe Clinton, followed by "dishonest" and "untrustworthy."