Harrington: Trump’s Tough Talk on Terror Resonates More With Voters

• September 20, 2016 3:26 pm


Washington Free Beacon reporter Elizabeth Harrington told Fox New’s Eric Shawn on Tuesday that Donald Trump’s tough talk on terrorism will resonate more with voters than Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric.

"Trump’s–people like his tough talk on terror and that works for voters," Harrington said.

Shawn had asked her which candidate she thought had a more resonating message about fighting terrorism.

"I think it’s definitely Trump’s," Harrington said.

She explained that Clinton’s message failed because it was centered around the Islamic State terror group using Trump as a recruitment tool.

It turns out that former President Bill Clinton is being used in the jihadist group’s videos for recruitment, however.

"Hillary has tried this message, this line of attack against Trump before, saying he is the biggest recruitment tool for ISIS, that he’s being used in their videos," Harrington said. "And when she tried that, it actually turned out that Bill Clinton was being used in recruitment videos for ISIS. So, she keeps on this line of attack, it’s going to fail."

Shawn then asked what both candidates need to do to be successful in the first upcoming presidential debate on Sept. 26, especially in light of the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey.

"Speaking of the debate, finally Elizabeth, what do you think she needs to do and what he needs to do?" Shawn asked.

Harrington said both candidates need to stick to their messages.

"I think they both need to stick with their message and it’s going to be hugely important since it is so fresh in the minds–these attacks over the weekend," she said.

She finished by saying if Trump continues his attack on Clinton’s involvement with the 2011 withdrawal from Iraq and the subsequent rise of ISIS, this would be a successful tactic.

"So, if Trump continues on his message and can continue to link Hillary Clinton to the withdraw from Iraq and starting the founding of ISIS, I think that’s a strong point for him and I think that will serve him well," Harrington said.