Former Dem Senator Feels Nostalgia for Days of Bolton’s Villainy

October 15, 2019

Former senator Claire McCaskill said she feels nostalgia for the days when former White House national security adviser John Bolton was the villain.

The Missouri Democrat told MSNBC that she missed the days when Bolton was the biggest liberal boogeyman around when he served as ambassador to the United Nations in the George W. Bush administration. McCaskill even had kind words for Bolton, who has been reportedly critical of President Trump since his ouster.

"I look back with nostalgia at a time when we thought of John Bolton as kind of a bad guy," McCaskill said Tuesday night. "As it turns out he has some character in there."

McCaskill said Bolton may be valuable if he appears before the House Intelligence Committee.

"Even though I may disagree with him on some policy I think he may emerge from this as a key figure if they get him in front of this committee with a subpoena and he is honest with the committee, I think the full breadth and depth of the malfeasance that was going on as it related to using the presidency for politics is going to become very very clear," McCaskill said.

McCaskill’s praise of Bolton comes the day after former White House aide Fiona Hill told Congress that Bolton objected to President Trump's bid to investigate the Biden family's activities in Ukraine—the subject of House Democrats' impeachment inquiry. Hill said during her testimony on Monday that Bolton asked her to notify the National Security Council of the "rogue" efforts by European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland, attorney Rudy Giuliani, and acting-White House chief of staff and Mick Mulvaney.