Former Bill Clinton Adviser Struggles to Remember Where Hillary Stands

• October 8, 2015 9:44 pm


CNN political analyst and former Bill Clinton adviser David Gergen had trouble remembering Hillary Clinton’s stance on the so-called Obamacare "Cadillac tax" Thursday, an indication of the extreme extent of Clinton’s flip-flopping.

Gergen successfully listed off a few of the issues that Clinton has changed her stance on as of late, but had trouble remembering her stance on the Obamacare "Cadillac tax."

"She was for the trade deal as secretary of state. Now she's against it. On the Keystone pipeline, it appeared she was for that and she's now against it," he said. "The Cadillac tax on health care, that's—you know, that's an Obamacare, she's never raised any complaint against it, and now she's against the Cadillac—she wants to—she's against the Cadillac—I’m sorry. She's against the Cadillac tax."

"It's almost as if you can't remember what side she's on because she keeps switching," Host Erin Burnett said.

Clinton announced her stance against the Obama administration’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal Wednesday after advocating for it at least 45 times in public.

Gergen said Clinton’s flip-flop on the deal would not help her reputation for being dishonest and untrustworthy.

"Given her narrative, given the prevailing story that you can't trust her, this is going to play into that narrative," he said. "It's damning and not the only issue in which she flip-flopped."

He later added that her shift on the trade deal is "particularly unsettling" because of Clinton’s experience as Obama’s secretary of state.

"The Trans-Pacific partnership is a fundamental piece of foreign policy. It’s a crucial piece of the Obama foreign policy. She said it's the gold standard," he said. "For her to move on this issue, I think it's particularly unsettling because it does raise a question of how steady will she be in foreign policy."

The Washington Post writes that Clinton’s leftward shift on issues like TPP and the Keystone XL pipeline is an attempt to win over progressive Democrats who might otherwise support Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Her TPP decision is the latest in a series of breaks with President Barack Obama.

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