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Former Obama Campaign Manager on Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s Her Turn’ to Be President

Jim Messina said he believes it is Hillary’s turn to be president.

The man who ran President Obama’s re-election campaign stumbled by confirming what many Democratic strategists fear: The Democratic primary will be more of a coronation than a contest.

"It’s her turn and her time," Messina said.

Many in the left have expressed frustration with Hillary taking her primary victory for granted. With Clinton delaying her official campaign announcement until the summer, the presumptive 2016 Democrat nominee seems to prefer a more leisurely primary. She has no problem with lying low, but not all Democrats agree with the duck and hide strategy.

Clinton and her advisers have been unable to shake the elitist attitude surrounding their campaign. Messina furthered that view by announcing what everyone already knew–liberal billionaires and multi-millionaires are lining up behind Clinton.

"We want Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States," Messina, the co-chair for Priorities USA, said.