Blueprint for Success: Country With Hottest Leader Also World's Happiest

Ugly Joe? America ranked worse than Ireland, a country defined by misery

March 21, 2023

People are happier when they live in a country governed by a hot leader. It's not just common sense, it's science.

For the sixth year in a row, Finland ranked first on the United Nations World Happiness Report. The result is to be expected given that Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin is the world's hottest head of government by a considerable margin.

Marin, 37, is also one of the youngest and coolest world leaders. Her biggest scandal since taking office in 2019 involved a leaked video that showed her dancing with friends, as well as a photo of two women flashing their breasts and making out during a private party at the prime minister's official summer residence. In other words, doing the things that make people happy.

Residents of the United States under President Joe Biden, 80, are fairly miserable by comparison. America ranked just 15th on the World Happiness Report, which isn't entirely surprising given the relative youth and attractiveness of our elected leaders.

Most disturbingly, the United States ranked behind Ireland, a country defined by misery. (See: The Banshees of Inisherin.) The Irish president, Michael Higgins, is an actual wee leprechaun who is only slightly older than Sleepy Joe.

Bottom line: The United States needs to elect more attractive politicians. Doing so would not only make us happier, it would make the federal government more diverse.

The World Happiness Report proves that having an attractive leader can make a huge difference in the lives of everyday citizens. Estonia, for example, ranked 31st, ahead of Western European countries such as Italy and Spain, despite suffering for decades under Soviet oppression. Wonder why?


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