Heads of State, Head to Head: America vs. Finland

How does President Joe Biden stack up against Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin?

August 19, 2022

Sometimes it's good to know how America's elected leaders compare with their counterparts in other countries. This week we're putting President Joe Biden head to head with Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland. Let's see how they stack up:


Marin: 36 years

Biden: 79 years

Difference: 43 years

Context: Biden's youngest child is 41 years old.

Took office in …

Marin: 2019

Biden: 2021

Political affiliation

Marin: Social Democratic Party

Biden: Democratic Party

Approval rating

Marin: 55 percent

Biden: 41 percent

Official residence

Marin: Kesäranta

Biden: White House

Historical significance

Marin: Youngest prime minister in Finnish history

Biden: Oldest president in American history

Recent headlines

Marin: "Work hard, party hard: Finland's Sanna Marin faces backlash after leaked dancing video." "Coolest politician in the world."

Biden:  "Biden ridiculed as U.S. leader tries to shake hands with air." "Biden stuck in jacket as first lady comes to rescue."

COVID-19 deaths

Marin: 5,350

Biden: 630,659

Disastrous military withdrawals

Marin: 0

Biden: 1

Attractiveness grade (for a politician)

Marin: A+

Biden: C+

Hotter than AOC?

Marin: Yes

Biden: No

Speaks English?

Marin: Yes

Biden: Sort of

Knows how to wear a jacket?

Marin: Hell yes

Biden: Still learning

Credibly accused of sexual assault?

Marin: No

Biden: Yes

Family history of crack addiction?

Marin: No

Biden: Yes

Suspected of using drugs?

Marin: Yes

Biden: Yes

Hangs out with criminals?

Marin: Yes

Biden: Yes

Have they met?

Answer: Yes

Did Biden lean in to smell her hair?

Answer: Obviously

Good with kids?

Marin: Definitely

Biden: Needs improvement

Dance moves

Marin: Dope

Biden: Nope

Selfie game

Marin: Strong

Biden: Weak

Shorts game

Marin: 🔥

Biden: 🤦