Fallon Falsely Claims IG Report States Clinton's Server Wasn't Hacked

May 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon falsely claimed Wednesday that the State Department Inspector General report stated Clinton's unsecured private server was never hacked successfully.

Fallon claimed the IG report "discredited" that theory.

Fallon was asked by MSNBC host Chris Hayes whether Clinton's position was now, "with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight" that her server had been a bad idea. The IG report out Wednesday confirmed Clinton violated federal regulations with the use of her private email server, despite her constant claims to the contrary.

"In retrospect, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, is it the secretary's position that the IG is correct, that in retrospect, that was not an appropriate method of preserving public records?" Hayes asked.

"Two things there, Chris," Fallon said. "Number one, certainly if we knew that the State Department was not preserving those records, I think we would have set about to find a different way to make sure that those records were being preserved. But number two, let's just take a step back. She has said for many months now that if she had this all to do over again, she'd do it differently. She regrets the decision.

"To take the proper perspective here, there's really no new information that came to light in this report. In fact, it discredited many of the conspiracy theories that are still floating out there, confirmed that there's no evidence, for instance, that a successful hack was performed on the server. It also put a lie to the myth that people didn't know that she was using personal email."

A reporter at Wednesday's State Department briefing challenged that same assertion by spokesman Mark Toner, pointing out the report did not say there was never a successful hack. Toner apologized and acknowledged that he misspoke.